Getting married on New Year´s Eve

Getting married in New Year´s Eve certainly adds magic and charm to an already unique day.

Here are 10 things to consider when getting married on New Year’s Eve:

1. New Year marks a new beginning. New people to meet and new adventures to enjoy. Many couples find it´s the perfect day to start a new life as a husband and wife.

2. You will bring the New Year with all your family and friends together.

3. Everyone wants to do something festive on New Year’s Eve. Many of your guests will be delighted to have a very special party to attend. However, some people might find that this interferes with their plans for their holidays.

4. Announce your wedding date months in advance. In the summer, you could send a “save the date” announcement so your guests plan their Christmas holidays knowing you wedding will be happening then. People travelling from abroad will be able to buy their flights early and avoid high ticket fares.

5. Book your venue and your suppliers well in advance as they tend to be booked up for the Christmas season. Some services will be more expensive, so if you are planning for a NYE wedding, allow for this extra cost in your budget.

6. Getting married on NYE will allow you to be a bit “bold” with your wedding decor, and you will be able to add daring unusual colors at weddings such as red and black. You can also incorporate a variety of themes, such as sparkles on the cake, the balloon drop and champagne at midnight.

7. If you are thinking of decorating your wedding with Christmas décor, you can search for clearance decorations and make some saving here.

8. You can have NYE party stuff, it will be fun and certainly very different from any other weddings. Why not add some cool party hats and other props to make the party colorful and fun? You could also add a mini bottle of champagne or cava for people to take home.

9. Lisa and David, from Dublin, who got married last year on NYE said “We first kissed on NYE, so we couldn´t think of a better night to get married! NYE will always mean so much to us!”

10. And to make it extra special… start with cocktails and dinner and have your vows at the stroke of midnight!!!

Happy planning!


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