Questions and answers

Q. How long does the band play for?
A. The band plays for two and a half hours. The band will play for an hour in their grey suits, and following a short break, another hour and a half in their pink costumes. If you would like to change the ratio of both performances, please just ask. Call Johnny +353 87 2091324

Q. How long does the DJ play for?
A. The DJ will start immediately after the band is finished and will play till venue curfew.

Q. Can I request some changes in the bands song list?
A. Yes. Tickled Pink can perform a great variety of music throughout the performance and we will discuss with you well in advance of your event the songs that best suit your special occasion.

Q. Can I suggest songs for the DJ to play during his set?
A. Yes. If you like you can prepare a list of your favorite songs for the DJ and he can include them in his set while keeping the momentum of the evening going. Guests are also welcome to request songs on the fly as the night progresses.

Q. Can the band perform the interactive show in the pink costumes for the full performance?
A. Yes. For modern events and weddings, the band can perform all night in their pink suits in an engaging, fun and interactive show.

Q. When does the band set up their equipment?
A. The equipment is normally set up after the meal and speeches. Our engineer will set up our modern compact equipment discreetly in less than 20 minutes.

Q. Can I request that the band play our first dance song?
A. Yes. Tickled Pink can perform your first dance song for you. Should you prefer to have the original format, our D.J. can play the song from a C.D.

Q. How do I book Tickled Pink?
A. Contact our office and speak to Johnny to secure your date. A deposit and a contract is required to confirm your booking. One month before your wedding, we will contact you again to discuss schedule details and any other requirements for your special day.

Any other questions? call anytime +353 87 2091324  Please email us for more information.