How to add true MAGIC to your wedding

There are lots of little ways to make your wedding truly enjoyable and fun for your guest. Many couples today decide to bring a professional entertainer to their wedding and offer a fun show for their guests at some point during the day. From Irish dancers to comedians, you have a wide selection of shows available to you. But today, we’ll talk about bringing in some “magic” to your special day, yes, I am talking about magicians.

Add real magic to your wedding

Magicians are becoming increasingly popular at weddings

Magicians are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. It is a show that entertains adults and kids alike, from your granny to your nice, the wows are guaranteed.

Your guests will be totally surprised by an unexpected show and certainly this could be one of the little twists that would make your wedding stand out in their memories.

I personally think this type of show work very well during drinks reception. A good magician will mix the crowd, get them together, and make everyone feel relaxed. Particularly those guest that don’t know many other people at your wedding, will be delighted to get some help breaking the ice and start mixing and chatting to others by commenting on how great the magician’s performance is.

Another good reason to have the entertainer during the drinks reception is that you are most likely going to be having your photo shoot at that time. You will be so glad to know your guests are being entertained and having fun and you won’t be under any pressure to go back to the party. So you can relax and pose for you photos as long as you want.

Some couples prefer to have the magic show after the meal, so they concentrate all the entertainment in the evening. A good magician will certainly lighten the mood and get everyone in party form!

Different magicians have very different shows. Talk to them and find out exactly what they do; do they approach your guests and do close up magic tricks or do they perform from a stage? Is their show (and jokes) appropriate for adults and children? Do they add humour and comedy to the performance or it is a pure magic show? Find out as much information as you can, so you pick the right show for your guests.

Magician’s prices depend on how experienced they are, the distance they have to travel and the duration of the show. Prices can vary from €400 to €950 depending on these factors.

So, are you thinking of adding a touch of magic to your wedding? If so, join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

Happy planning!


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No Children Allowed

Our last post on our topic “Inviting Children At Weddings” deals about a dilemma you might encounter when you decide to have an adults only party at your wedding but, …one of your guest is a breast feeding mum! What do you do in this situation? Do you make an exception just for one person? Will the other guests with young children be upset about your decision? A very tricky situation indeed.

The answer to that dilemma comes from Californian wedding planner and CEO of Refine, Alison Howard. With all her expertise, Alison Howard found the perfect solution to that delicate matter. Thank you Alison Howard Events for sharing your wisdom with us!

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Babytalk Festival – let’s talk about babies

Babytalk Festival

Babytalk Festival – let’s talk about babies

Tickled Pink will perform for quite an unusual audience next weekend… toddlers, wobblers, babies and mums with big bumps!

Yes, you heard right, Tickled Pink will be part of the entertainment for the Babytalk Festival; a fun new pregnancy and baby festival taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2014 in O’Reilly Hall, UCD, Dublin. This new festival hopes to empower families and parents-to-be with information in a fun, relaxed environment.

Rachel Lane and Marie Dunne, directors of Babytalk, want to promote clear and unbiased information for parents in Ireland. Rachel and Marie believe that “advising parents and families is a huge responsibility so it is important to us that our exhibitors and sponsors are ethical and honest in their approach to business”.

You can find full festival details on their website

Here is a quick overview of the festival:

  • Comfortable, fun, family-friendly event
  • Series of talks from expert speakers including David Carey, Genevieve Becker, Sue Jameson, Fiona Rea and more
  • High quality exhibitors
  • Product & service demonstrations
  • “Information Station” with representatives from parent support agencies
  • Reading and storytelling area with readings by authors and children entertainers
  • Music, comedy & entertainers including RTE’s Reuben, Irish Mammies comedy show with comedian Colm O’Regan, and Tickled Pink featuring Irish West End Star Rob Vickers
  • Cafe and play area
  • Free car parking
  • Buggy parking, baby changing & feeding areas
  • WHO code compliant event with ethical event policy
  • Children and grandparents go in free

You can see Tickled Pink perform on the 22nd and 23rd of February at 4.30pm on the main stage of the festival. Let’s see if we can get all the toddlers & wobblers dancing!

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Marta’s Magic Kids Show

Today in Tickled Pink’s blog we continue talking about entertaining children at weddings by introducing a professional kid’s entertainer: Marta’s Magic Kids Show. We have seen Marta perform in various occasions and we were very impressed by her well prepared, dynamic and fun performance.

We invited Marta to Tickled Pink’s blog to learn a bit more about her work and how she can help couples give the little ones a fab day at their wedding. Read on…

Hi, my name is Marta and I’m a professional award winning full time magician who specializes in cool and entertaining magic shows for family audiences. I have been performing now for many years up and down the country, with my special brand of magic. My shows range from 60 mins to 120 mins and depending on where the party is my prices vary from €175 up.

My magic show is hugely popular for birthdays, communions, christenings, corporate events, Christmas parties, festivals and of course weddings!

The secret is in my special blend of Magic, Comedy, Face Painting, Balloon modelling and audience participation that involves and entertains children, as well as making them laugh! And the sound of children’s laughter filling a room is magical. 

Marta’s Magic Kids Show

Award winning full time children magician.

Weddings are a big part of my working week.

When you have kids coming to your wedding, usually they are of various ages, so keeping them entertained can be tricky. I help to take the strain off the parents with my magic and let all the guests enjoy the wedding day. You know it’s a fantastic way to keep all the kids happy and in one place throughout your special day.

I usually entertain the little ones during the speeches (a time when it’s very hard for a kid to concentrate and behave). As soon as I arrive I quietly set up and start what I do best – show all the kids a great time, let the grown-ups enjoy themselves, make sure everyone is happy and give the Bride & Groom a wedding to remember….now that’s magic!

So call or text now and let the magic begin…




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