And the winner is… (Bride of the year show 2015)

Congratulations to you!!!


Phil Cawley - DJ

Phil Cawley from Today FM. Don’t forget, Phil does weddings!!! We have often had Phil doing his super DJ show after Tickled Pink. Click image and check out his website to book Phil.

We are delighted to have Phil Cawley from Today FM announce the winner of our €500 wedding prize consisting of:

Dinner for two at the famous Fire Restaurant!
A bottle of (Tickled) Pink champagne with champagne glasses!
Two funny wedding DVD’d to watch while you are relaxing back with your champagne!
€400 voucher against the booking of Tickled Pink!

You can only collect your prize at our show at Harrys on the Green, on Monday the 9th February! We are looking forward to meeting you on the night!

We really want you to have this wonderful prize but unfortunately if you are not there to collect it we will re-raffle it on the night!

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Kevin Fagan Stars In Grease At The Gaiety Theatre

Grease Cast 2014

I met Kevin at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin after his performance in Grease, the musical. What an amazing show! It was wonderful to see Kevin on the professional stage, where he looks totally at home.

I asked Kevin some questions to find out more about this experience:

Silvia: Grease the movie was released in 1978 and was huge in the 80’s, but Kevin, you were not even born yet at that time! Were you familiar with Grease? Was it a movie you enjoyed?
Kevin: I had seen the movie many times as a child and loved it, such a fun movie and it never gets old! And I think at every birthday party, the Grease Megamix comes on at some point so you’re never too far away from Grease! I actually had the opportunity to do the show a few years ago with a youth society and so, became very familiar with the show! And when I heard of the professional production coming I just had to get an audition.

Silvia: How were the auditions for the part?
Kevin: The auditions were tough; the first audition was literally to sing a few lines of the song of your choice A Capella in front of a group of other auditionees. So as you can imagine, nerves were setting in and you only had that few seconds to make an impression lasting enough to get you to the next round. Fortunately I made it through. Then, came the dance auditions a few days later and more singing and line reading. It was a nerve wrecking process, but a great one and thankfully it worked out and I got the part!

Grease 2014 Kevin Fagan

Silvia: The musical in the Gaiety is incredibly well done. How long have you been rehearsing?
Kevin: Ah thank you, it was a hectic rehearsal period to piece it all together. We only had two weeks rehearsals before it opened in the Gaiety in front of an audience so it was intense, 6 days a week, all day kind of thing. But it was very enjoyable; they were a great gang to work with!


Silvia: What did you enjoy the most about performing in Grease?
Kevin: I enjoyed the whole experience! It was a great introduction into the world of professional musical theatre. Being on the stage every night with the gang in front of up to 1000 people knowing that this was my job was just amazing. I’d go back and do it all again in the morning!

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How to find the perfect band for my wedding

Hi all. Welcome to Tickled Pink’s Blog, the place where you will find all the answers to your questions about planning your wedding.

Today we talk about the steps to take to find the wedding band that works best for your wedding.

Perfect band for my wedding

Before you keep researching the internet looking for wedding bands, stop and think for a minute. Close your eyes and visualise the evening of your wedding, what would it look like? Do you like the idea of a big band with a brass section that looks classy and elegant? Or are you a bit of a party person and you would like a young band even doing some indie-rock music? Are you a jazz lover? Or are you thinking of a band that can please everyone in the audience? Answer this question first and this will be your starting point. So when you start researching, you will have a clearer idea of what you are looking for.

Ok, you are now ready to start your research. You can go back to Mr. Google, or look in the different dedicated wedding websites. Websites like Weddingsonline have a big list of over 100 wedding bands, so you can find bands of all kind of genres, styles and looks there. Other websites like One Fab Day have a much smaller selection but they feature quirky and more interesting bands.

But still, don’t forget the tried and tested word of mouth method. So ask your workmates, friends, neighbours as they can give you first-hand information of weddings they might have been to and the band that played.

Aim to make a list of 5 bands you like, contact them to check their availability and prices.

Most couples want to see a few bands perform before making the final decision. Some bands have lots of videos on their websites, others run dedicated showcases, and others will invite you along to a real wedding or event; all these options are totally fine.  See their videos or watch them live, preferably together, and make a final choice then.

Once you have decided on which band you are going to book, contact them straight away and ask them to keep your date. Most bands will ask you to sign a contract and put a deposit to secure your date. Read the contract carefully, sign it and send it back to them. Then you are done!

As regards of how long in advance you should be booking your band, most couples book their entertainment 9 to 12 months in advance. Of course the earlier you book, the more chances you have of getting the band you love.

Was this information useful to you? If so, please share with your friends by clicking on the social media button below.

Do you have a question about wedding planning? Send your questions to our blogger and we will share ideas and solutions in this blog.

Till then,


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Andy James, A professional Magician

“EH? …A Wedding Magician?”
In Tickled Pink’s blog we like sharing all kinds of information to help couples plan their dream wedding. We often talk about specific businesses and providers, but to be clear to you, this is NOT paid publicity. We invite providers we discover along the way that we think could add something special to your wedding with their quality, quirkiness and fun.

I am delighted to have magician Andy James in our blog today talking about his magic show for weddings. Andy is a magician who performs worldwide, from theatres in South Corea to cruise ships in Barbados, this man can entertain them all. But I will let Andy tell you all about how he can add some magic (literally) to your special day.

Andy James - Magician

I mix strong, hard hitting magic effects with snappy comedy.
Kind of like a mix of Dynamo, David Blaine and ….Someone funny!

Thanks Tickled Pink for inviting me to write on your blog!
So, who am I and what do I do? I’m Andy James and I have been lucky enough to be a professional magician for the last 13 years! – Wow, time flies!

Over that time I have performed my unique style of magic in over 100 countries around the world at all sorts of private functions, corporate events and of course, weddings. I mix strong, hard hitting magic effects with snappy comedy. Kind of like a mix of Dynamo, David Blaine and ….Someone funny!

It’s my “Reception Magic” package that is the most popular. This is where I welcome guests from the ceremony and mix among them for about the two hour gap until the call for dinner.

Here’s a recent quote I received:
“When myself and Sean got back from getting our photos done the buzz in the room was amazing. Everyone was saying, wow you have to see this, there’s a magician going around – I was like, “Yeah, I booked him! But the best was when you stole my dad’s watch from under his nose, his face. Priceless!”

I also offer other packages, such as the “After Dinner Magic” (close up magic again, between dessert and the band starting, “The Lull..!”) and also my “Comedy Magic Stand Up Show” – This is where I entertain the whole room together (usually before the speeches) and features a table that flies across the room – Literally!

Andy James - Magician

I really do get a kick out of making an already special day, even more special, memorable and AMAZING.

My package prices vary, so get in touch and we can have a chat about your requirements.
Mention this promo code: BWED 125, and get 125 euro off your package until May 31st.

The business bit aside, I really do get a kick out of making an already special day, even more special, memorable and AMAZING.

Right, well that’s enough about me; I’m off to polish my magic wand….
Thanks for reading.

To get in touch with Andy:
Mobile: 087 738 7920

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