How to find the perfect band for my wedding

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Today we talk about the steps to take to find the wedding band that works best for your wedding.

Perfect band for my wedding

Before you keep researching the internet looking for wedding bands, stop and think for a minute. Close your eyes and visualise the evening of your wedding, what would it look like? Do you like the idea of a big band with a brass section that looks classy and elegant? Or are you a bit of a party person and you would like a young band even doing some indie-rock music? Are you a jazz lover? Or are you thinking of a band that can please everyone in the audience? Answer this question first and this will be your starting point. So when you start researching, you will have a clearer idea of what you are looking for.

Ok, you are now ready to start your research. You can go back to Mr. Google, or look in the different dedicated wedding websites. Websites like Weddingsonline have a big list of over 100 wedding bands, so you can find bands of all kind of genres, styles and looks there. Other websites like One Fab Day have a much smaller selection but they feature quirky and more interesting bands.

But still, don’t forget the tried and tested word of mouth method. So ask your workmates, friends, neighbours as they can give you first-hand information of weddings they might have been to and the band that played.

Aim to make a list of 5 bands you like, contact them to check their availability and prices.

Most couples want to see a few bands perform before making the final decision. Some bands have lots of videos on their websites, others run dedicated showcases, and others will invite you along to a real wedding or event; all these options are totally fine.  See their videos or watch them live, preferably together, and make a final choice then.

Once you have decided on which band you are going to book, contact them straight away and ask them to keep your date. Most bands will ask you to sign a contract and put a deposit to secure your date. Read the contract carefully, sign it and send it back to them. Then you are done!

As regards of how long in advance you should be booking your band, most couples book their entertainment 9 to 12 months in advance. Of course the earlier you book, the more chances you have of getting the band you love.

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