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Top 6 Secrets to planning your wedding entertainment like a pro

Want to plan your wedding entertainment like a pro? Well, we’re here to help with six of our top tips. Oh, and they’re also top secret, by the way… so ssh, not a word to anyone!

Even the most organised couples can slip up when it comes to their wedding entertainment. And how do we know? Well, that’s easy – because we’ve seen the most common mistakes first-hand. Our advice: follow this checklist and you’ll soon be planning your event like a professional.

  1. Have the entertainment in the same room as the bar. That way, people won’t miss anything if they go for a drink – and it will keep your guests together. If that’s not possible, ask the hotel to put a refreshments table in the function room. Also, if you’re having a few extras, such as a photo booth, magician or kids’ corner, make sure they’re set up in the function room too. It’ll create a fun atmosphere – and you won’t be splitting up the group.
  2. Beware of the curfew. Certain parts of the day will always run over, cutting other parts short. As the result, the band or the DJ – or both – are sent packing half way through their set. It’s very important then to have a timetable, starting at the curfew and working backwards. Ask your wedding coordinator to help you with the schedule, and ask everyone to co-operate, especially anyone making a speech.
  3. Keep all your guests happy. We know it’s your big day – but you can’t forget your guests. So while you might be a death metal fan, spare a thought for those – both young and old – in the function room. Ask the band to do a few numbers for the oldies before playing your stuff. That way everybody gets to dance to their favourite tunes and everyone’s happy.
  4. Timing is everything. If you’re planning a break for tea and sandwiches, ask your wedding coordinator to have the band take five at the same time. Your guests won’t miss any of the music, and more importantly, the band won’t be performing while people are taking a load off.
  5. Use sound and vision. Choose entertainment that your guests can enjoy whether sitting down or showing off their dance moves. Some bands use cool visual backdrops that will keep even the non-dancers entertained. DJs too often use screens to enhance their sets.
  6. Get in touch. Contact your entertainers six weeks before the big day. Tell them exactly what you want, giving them every last detail. Send them a copy of your schedule if you like. Oh, and don’t forget to keep a list of vendors and their mobile numbers on one page. Give it to your coordinator on the day in case of any last-minute hitches. After that, sit back, relax – and enjoy your evening.

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6 top secrets to planning your wedding like a pro